The 2nd Import Housing Wave in Japan

Jim Ivanoff | ivanoff@bcwood.jp   Everywhere you look these days, COVID-19 is forcing change. Japan is no exception and for this nation that long maintained a rigid work environment, the [...]

The 2nd Import Housing Wave in Japan2020-07-15T13:26:38-07:00

Japanese Economy Recovering Quickly

Jim Ivanoff | ivanoff@bcwood.jp Being so close to China, Japan was one of the first countries to be hit by COVID-19. However, having a front-row seat on what was happening in [...]

Japanese Economy Recovering Quickly2020-06-17T12:31:50-07:00

New Member Support Programs for Asian Markets

Jim Ivanoff | ivanoff@bcwood.jp With the world changing around us so quickly, BC Wood is also making changes so that we can better serve our members during these difficult times. [...]

New Member Support Programs for Asian Markets2020-05-26T08:09:54-07:00

Niseko’s Building Boom Accelerates

Jim Ivanoff | ivanoff@bcwood.jp In preparation for BC Wood's resort development themed seminars coming up in March, I visited Hokkaido last week and met with many local developers, government officials, [...]

Niseko’s Building Boom Accelerates2020-04-09T02:35:15-07:00

Nikkei Show 2020

Jim Ivanoff | ivanoff@bcwood.jp BC Wood will once again be coordinating the Canadian Pavilion at the Nikkei Architectural and Construction Materials Show that will be held at Tokyo's Big Sight [...]

Nikkei Show 20202019-10-18T14:15:47-07:00

Hakuba in Nagano Set to Rival Niseko for Inbound Tourists

Jim Ivanoff |  ivanoff@bcwood.jp Recently I was able to visit the Hakuba area in Nagano which has been growing in popularity with inbound tourists. The area originally gained international exposure as [...]

Hakuba in Nagano Set to Rival Niseko for Inbound Tourists2020-04-09T02:35:16-07:00

Buyers Looking Forward to GBM 2019

Jim Ivanoff | ivanoff@bcwood.jp During the months of May and June, BC Wood does not participate in any trade shows in the Asian markets, but this does not mean it [...]

Buyers Looking Forward to GBM 20192020-04-09T02:35:16-07:00