BC Wood Membership

In reviewing our many ways to add-value to our BC Wood membership, the most productive is in finding ways for our members to save money on services that they need and can really use. With the buying power of a “group”, we have been negotiating with a number of service providers including our Associate Members and now have significant “added-value” propositions to offer BC Wood members. We are going beyond just being the “tradeshow guys” and forming alliances with services that our members need to help their business grow, while saving on expenses.

Besides adding great value, we have made some other changes in our membership levels that we believe will make membership in BC Wood easier and require less administration on our members’ part. First of all, there will be no more “pay as you go” fees to participate in either Canadian or international trade events. There are still two levels of membership and in reviewing our member’s participation in events over the past three years, we have determined that most of our members participate in Canadian and US trade events – in particular, the GBM and the NAWLA event. A number of companies participate in only off-shore activities, while some participate in numerous cross-market and cross-sector programs. Therefore, we will be offering BC Wood Membership and BC Wood International Membership.

Because of the very diverse products and markets of interest to our members, we have determined that these two membership levels will benefit the most number of members, for the greatest cost savings.

NEW Multi-Year Membership Activity Bank – a significant source of value and a major change in our offering

To recognize a long-term commitment from members to BC Wood, a contribution will be made to a member’s “Activity Bank”. Your multi-year commitment will position you to grow as the world re-opens over the next few years. Your multi-year membership gives you discounts you can access when you want to participate in tradeshows and events – virtual or live!

Multi-year Membership Activity Bank
Multi-year Paid Membership Two Years: 10% of Membership Fees Contributed to Activity Bank for use in 2021-22 and/or 2022-23 fiscal years
Multi-year Paid Membership Three Years: 20% of Membership Fees Contributed to Activity Bank for use in 2021-22 to 2023-24 fiscal years

BC Wood International Member Type 2021-22

  • $2,640 + GST – One Year Membership
  • $5,280 + GST – Two Year (Activity Bank Credit $528)
  • $7,920 + GST – Three Year (Activity Bank Credit $1,584)

• Everything in base membership (including all CDN shows)
• Access to all International trade events
• Access to BC Wood in-market representatives in China, South Korea, and Japan

BC Wood Base Member Type 2021-22

  • $1,350 + GST – One Year Membership
  • $2,700 + GST – Two Year (Activity Bank Credit $270)
  • $4,050 + GST – Three Year (Activity Bank Credit $810)

• Access to all Canadian trade events
• Real membership benefits through the Value to Members Program
• $1000 Exhibiting Member discount at GBM
• Listed in the online Member Directory

NEW North America Based Membership Option

BC Wood is well known for our activities in markets that are often the first step for many companies to exporting. As the US and Mexico remain our closest and major trading partners, these are the countries we generally recommend first to new exporters. Given that, the BC Wood Board has recommended we offer a North American Membership Level, as the easiest to penetrate and most likely to garner early success for new exporters.

  • $2,440 + GST – One Year Membership
  • $4,880 + GST – Two Year (Activity Bank Credit $480)
  • $7,320 + GST – Three Year (Activity Bank Credit $1,464)

BC Wood Associate Membership

The Associate Membership program has been created to connect our members with organizations that provide products and services to the value-added industry in British Columbia. BC Wood is the association representing the value-added wood products industry in BC.

BC WOOD ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: For $480, you receive:

  • Company profile in our online Associate Directory. Includes: logo, company profile, contact info and web link
  • Introduction of your company in BC Wood’s Blog
  • Eligibility to offer special discounts/services to the BC Wood manufacturing members Value to Members Program
  • Full access to all Value to Members benefits
  • Opportunity to present/attend BC Wood networking sessions and special events