Akhurst Machinery Ltd.

Contact: Graham Akhurst
Phone: (604) 540-1430 or 1-888-265-4826
Fax: (604) 540-1780
Email: grahama@akhurst.com
Website: www.akhurst.com

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Contact: Rory Thompson
Phone: (780) 427-9302
Email: Rory.Thompson@gov.ab.ca
Website: www.albertawoodproducts.ca

The ministry is responsible for the policies, legislation, regulations and services necessary for Alberta’s agriculture, food and forest sectors to grow, prosper and diversify. The Forestry Division of the ministry developed strategies for the expansion of Alberta’s primary wood product manufacturing sector and the improvement of the economic contribution of Alberta’s advanced/secondary wood products manufacturing sector.

Apri Insurance Inc.

Contact: Merv Evdokimenko
Phone: (604) 605-3650
Fax: (604) 605-0020
Email: merv.evdokimenko@apriinc.com
Website: www.livingasplanned.com

Apri Insurance Inc. is BC Wood’s authorized insurance partner, specializing in designing and implementing Employee Group Benefit, Retirement Programs, and other individual insurance products for member companies of BC Wood.

BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.

Contact: Randy Nobbs
Phone: (778) 329-4171
Fax: (604) 683-9316
Email: rnobbs@bflcanada.ca
Website: www.bflcanada.ca

BFL CANADA is the largest privately owned commercial insurance brokerage and risk management services firm in Canada. We specialize in providing sound risk management advice and offer responsive and proactive insurance brokerage services to those companies in the value-added wood products sector.

Canasia Forest Industries Ltd.

Contact: Mohinder Sull
Phone: (604) 502-8880 ext 108
Fax: (604) 502-8813
Email: mo@westexgroup.net or peter@canasiaforest.com
Website: www.canasiaforest.com

Canasia Forest Industries Ltd & Westex Timber is a Canadian company based in Surrey, BC that specializes in distribution, manufacturing, and exporting of softwood dimension lumber, timbers, and treated lumber of approx 100,000 cbm per year. Species include: S.P.F., Hemfir, and Western Red Cedar. Our reputation for excellence extends throughout North America, Japan, Korea, China, India, and the Middle East. Our main focus is Western KD and SPF. We pride ourselves to be the best in the forestry business in consistent quality, shipping, and competitive pricing.

Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau

Contact: Lynne Christiansen
Phone: (604) 820-7700
Fax: (604) 820-0266
Email: info@cedarbureau.com
Website: www.cedarbureau.org

The CSSB is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, distributors, installers and other business members involved in the production and promotion of the Certi-label® brand of Western Red and Alaskan Yellow cedar shakes and shingles throughout North America and Europe.

Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP)

Contact: Iain MacDonald
Phone: (604) 822-6448
Fax: (604) 822-9159
Email: iain.macdonald@ubc.ca
Website: www.cawp.ubc.ca

CAWP at UBC is Canada’s national centre for education, technology transfer and research in advanced wood products manufacturing. CAWP provides training and product development services programs for the industry, supports an undergraduate degree program in Wood Products Processing and provides coop students for industry placements.

Coast Fraser Enterprises Ltd.

Phone: (604) 498-1110
Fax: (604) 909-4803
Email: info@coastfraser.com
Website: www.coastfraser.com

Coast Fraser specializes in exporting North American wood products around the world. We proudly provide quality wood products to our Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indian, and South-East Asian customers. We promote a variety of lumber, including Spruce-Pine-Fir, Hemlock Fir, Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine using new and innovative strategies.

CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors

Phone: 1 877-828-1888
Email: hello@craftfloor.com
Website: craftfloor.com

High end engineered hardwood flooring manufacturer and distributor.

DB Schenker Of Canada Ltd

Contact: Paul Xing
Phone: (604) 623-0866
Email: paul.xing@dbschenker.com
Website: www.dbschenker.com/ca

Schenker of Canada is one of the largest integrated logistics service providers in the country. With a global network as well as being the local leader in ocean freight for Canada; our global reach and market strength is your key to international trade.We can combine and offer options including customs, storage of goods; shipment by land, sea, or air; and our specialists integrate service modules to create complex added-value chains that ensure a reliable flow of materials and information.

Denali Forest Products

Phone: (604) 725-5377
Email: contact@denalifp.com
Website: www.denaliforestproducts.com

Denali Forest Products specializes in the export, wholesale trading, and distribution of quality forest products. We maintain offices around the globe and have a reputation for integrity and accountability.


Contact: Tim Caldecott
Phone: (604) 224-3221 ext. 627
Fax: (604) 222-5690
Email: Tim.Caldecott@fpinnovations.ca
Website: www.fpinnovations.ca

Griff Building Supplies

Contact: Kai Zhang
Phone: (604) 521-6691
Fax: (604) 523-6920
Email: sales@griff.ca
Website: www.griff.ca/

Griff Building Supplies has been serving the building and construction industry in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and beyond for over 45 years. Started by James Clark Griffiths (known as “Griff”) in 1964, the business quickly established an excellent reputation as a one-stop shop for building supplies. Today James Griffiths’s daughter, Deborah White, owns and runs the family business and remains as involved and committed as her father once was. More recently, Griff has joined with the Irly Group of building companies in order to offer you an even wider variety of products.

At Griff Building Supplies, the services and products we offer have been put in place to assist everyone from the multi-family contractor to the do-it-yourselfer. Located in the Queensborough area of New Westminster, our 6.5 acres of stock and 20,000 square foot retail warehouse give you the choice you require and the quality you demand.

Hive Growth Partners Inc.

Contact: Ben Magnuson
Phone: (250) 878-5774
Email: ben@hivegrowthpartners.com
Website: hivegrowthpartners.com

Hive is a BC-based business development consultancy focussed on finding solutions to help drive organic growth for B2B companies throughout North America. They have a substantial network of partners specialized in unique areas to help support clients and relationships across multiple verticals.

Interex Forest Products Ltd.

Contact: Bruce Pollock
Phone: (604) 801-7200
Fax: (604) 602-4743
Email: b.pollock@interexfp.com
Website: www.interexfp.com

Interex has been exporting forest products since 1993. We are proudly owned by four Canadian forest products manufacturers: Norbord Inc., Carrier Lumber, Dunkley Lumber and Millar Western Forest Products. We offer a wide variety of OSB structural and decorative panels and SPF, WRC and Douglas‐fir lumber products. We export more than 15,000 containers of lumber and panel products combined to overseas markets every year.

Jupiter Wood (North America) LTD.

Contact: Lydia Wang
Phone: (604) 971-3698
Email: support@jupiterwood.com
Website: www.jupiterwood.com

Jupiter Wood, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been in the wood products industry for 10 years. We have wood processing and distribution operations in North America, China, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia, where we have established long-term cooperative relationships with both suppliers and buyers.


Contact: Chris Duncan
Phone: (250) 734-4336
Email: chris.duncan@mnp.ca
Website: www.mnp.ca

At MNP, we believe in being your partner in business. Our Forestry and Forest Products team understands your business and speaks the language of the industry. That’s why more than 500 clients from all sectors of the forest industry across B.C. rely on MNP as a trusted partner for industry-specific expertise and strategic business advice.

• Accounting and compliance tax
• Equipment purchase decisions and financing options
• Understanding your true costs
• Succession and estate planning
• Selling your business
• Paying less tax
• Corporate re-organizations
• Due diligence for business acquisitions
• Partnering with First Nations
• U.S. tax planning and compliance
• Technology reviews and software selection
• Hiring a controller or key manager

To find how MNP can help you, visit MNP.ca/forestry.

NAWLA: North American Wholesale Lumber Association

Contact: Scott Parker
Phone: (312) 673-4912
Email: info@nawla.org
Website: nawla.org

We are the North American Wholesale Lumber Association. Our members are dedicated to growing and nurturing every aspect of the lumber industry, from the careful stewardship of forest resources, to the harvesting and distribution of lumber products, to championing wood’s role in a greener economy and a healthier planet.

Since our founding in 1893, NAWLA has been at the very heart of the industry– longer than any other lumber organization in America. We represent the best interests of wholesalers, manufacturers, and service provider companies from the planting of seedlings, to the selling of building materials and wood in all of its many forms.

For over 100 years, we have been a uniting bond – from one end of the supply chain to the other. Helping the industry grow by helping our members grow. That is why, our members consider us…The Essential Link.

Natural Trade

Contact: Carlos Villavicencio
Phone: (604) 988-6022
Email: info@natural-trade.net
Website: natural-trade.net

Natural Trade Ltd. is a Canadian company based in Vancouver that specializes in wholesale, trading and exporting of Softwood, Hardwood lumber and Panels. Our supply of more than +100 mills in North America, offers a great variety of products to our customers in different markets like: Mexico, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Natural Trade exports and distributes lumber that is used in various commercial and industrial applications.We specialize in Softwood Lumber (SPF – Spruce, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Yellow Pine, Ponderosa Pine and other species). We also distribute hardwoods such as Red Oak, Maple, Poplar, etc, as well as oriented strand board (OSB), MDF and Plywood.

New Ameizing Homes Ltd.

Contact: Tomie Neubauer
Phone: (778) 388-3713
Email: tomie@newameizinghomes.com
Website: www.newameizinghomes.com/

We are exporters of high-quality machine manufactured log house kits, currently selling to Japan. We use only solid natural wood for logs, with a thickness of 140mm or more. We can also supply all the building materials required for a full house package. These homes provide a healthy, comfortable, warm environment, combined with the safety needed in the event of an earthquake. Please contact us and we can work together to build your custom log home.

Runabout Tech Services Ltd.

Contact: Hayden Carbis
Phone: (604) 307-7685
Email: hayden@runabouttech.com
Website: www.runabouttech.com

Since 2017, Runabout Technology Services has provided exceptional IT services to Lower Mainland companies. Our team serves clients in Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, and other communities throughout Greater Vancouver.

From IT consulting services to managed support, we provide guidance, support, and ongoing assistance that allow our clients to focus on productivity and profitability.

Quicker Instruments Inc.

Contact: Jim Elliot
Phone: (604) 278-5158
Fax: (604) 278-5158
Email: jre008@hotmail.com

Quicker Instruments designs, manufactures, sells/leases continuous flow microwave dehumidification equipment. These dehumidification equipment enables the monitoring and control of dehumidification of both softwood and hardwood lumber.

Sansin Corporation

Contact: Caroline March-Long
Phone: (519) 245-2001
Fax: (519) 245-4759
Email: cml@sansin.com
Website: www.sansin.com

Since 1986, we’ve been focused on creating the best performing, most beautiful water-borne wood finishes in the world.

Backed by over thirty years of proven performance with commercial, residential and mass timber wood buildings and structures, Sansin is the global leader in developing high-performance industrial and factory finishes that set the benchmark for environmentally friendly formulas.

With a growing network of OEMs and dealers across Canada, the United States, Western Europe and Russia, Sansin Wood Finishes are the choice for customers who demand the absolute best in performance and beauty for their homes and buildings.

Skana Forest Products

Contact: Kent Beveridge
Phone: (604) 273-5441
Fax: (604) 273-7235
Email: kent@skana.com
Website: www.skana.com