With Japan finally shedding COVID restrictions on business, the economy is expected to grow significantly in 2023. This particularly looms large for the commercial building and hospitality sectors. Once the borders reopened in October, inbound travelers came roaring back. Now that China will also allow cross-border travel, Japan’s inbound tourism is expected to make a full recovery soon. Combined with the projected demand from the Osaka Expo in 2025, there is a rush to restart stalled hotel and resort projects. The opening of the border was also a signal to Japanese consumers that it was ok to go out to enjoy activities such as dining and leisure shopping again, so commercial facilities in urban cores are seeing a return of traffic. Designers and architects who specialize in these projects are finally being contracted again. As a result, we see great opportunities for members in these recently dormant sectors.

With the borders open, the BC Wood Japan Office is also welcoming members back to in-person events. The 2023 Nikkei Architectural and Construction Materials Show, which will be held from February 28th to March 1st, is a great option to get back in front of Japanese customers. This is the biggest construction industry trade show in Japan, covering everything from lumber to finished products. Nikkei attracts large numbers of architects and designers working on commercial projects, so it is the perfect event to promote high value wood products and finishing materials to this sector that is ready to expand again.

BC Wood will help take the stress and uncertainty out of exhibiting at the show. We can assist with all the logistics required for setting up your display. Leveraging our database of over 20,000 industry contacts in Japan, we can also support your pre-show marketing efforts and of course match-make to preset meetings at the show with qualified buyers for your product.

However, building on what we learned during the pandemic, BC Wood is also creating more opportunities for members to reach wood product buyers without having to directly attend trade shows. One initiative is a cost-effective, multi-pronged, promotional campaign that will market your products both directly to over 8000 of our industry contacts across the country as well as on your behalf within the BC Wood space at the Nikkei Architectural & Construction Materials Show. As a virtual participant, we will promote your product in our pre-show marketing campaign to solicit inquiries. During the show we will create a display for your company and then work that space on your behalf to collect leads. Full contact lists will be provided in English after the show and we will also follow-up with contacts to set-up Zoom meetings for you so you can speak to them directly. Act fast to be a part of this unique, hybrid virtual trade show opportunity.

For pricing and more information on participating in-person or virtually, please contact Jim Ivanoff (ivanoff@bcwood.jp).