Program Overview

The BC Wood Export Training Program is a series of virtual courses on exporting designed to help Canadian wood product companies drive revenue from international markets. Each course provides exporting best practices around key exporting topics that companies need to understand to avoid exporting difficulties and to succeed at selling outside of Canada.

The core courses cover exporting best practices, selling & marketing internationally, finding good distributors, setting margins & pricing, international logistics and finance. Supplemental courses will focus on entering specific markets such as the US or Japan and current international trade topics of importance to exporters.

The courses are all 2 hours in length, instructor-led but virtual, with a complete set of courses being delivered three times per year, integrated into other BC Wood trade shows and activities. BC Wood members will be able to attend courses at different times of the year based on their schedules and participants who complete all five of the core courses within the year earn a Certificate of Completion from BC Wood.

Industry can also access advisory services and other supports that provide on-going assistance to members throughout their exporting journey.

Course Outlines

The program will contain five core courses focused on evolving exporting skills and various supplemental courses that cover off on specific export markets, trade trends, operations or marketing.

The full suite of courses will be offered three times per year, allowing members to attend courses at different times if not available during any course delivery period. Courses will be scheduled around the 2024 events calendar and other BC Wood activities and will act as preparation for entering certain key markets where possible.

Participants who attend all five ETP courses will be eligible to recieve a Certificate of Completion.

In 2024, a full set of courses will be run from January to March, April to June and September to November.

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  • $99 per single session
  • $399 for all five sessions (certificate of completion included)

*Email for discount pricing on multiple attendee registrations.


If you have any questions about BC Wood’s Export Training Program, please email Randi Walker at