Delta Cedar Specialties has been operating in the Lower Mainland for over 60 years. Today, Delta Cedar is a vertically integrated company that includes Delta Cedar Specialties, Delta Cedar Sawmill, Halo Sawmill and Delta Timber. The company offers on grade, sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Yellow Cedar lumber products.

Delta Cedar began as a small sawmill on the banks of the Fraser River in Delta, British Columbia in 1958. In 1994, the company added their first major expansion by adding a small log line to the Delta Cedar Mill. The Delta Cedar Mill is a multifunctional mill and can run small logs as well as larger logs. In 2000, Delta Cedar purchased another mill in Pitt Meadows which is known today as the Halo Sawmill. The Halo Sawmill is predominantly a 14 inch plus saw log mill.

Delta Cedar Specialties, Halo Sawmill, Delta Cedar Mill, and Delta Timber operate as an integrated unit. The company oversees the entire process in house, from sourcing logs on the timber floor, through manufacturing, to delivery. Because of this, the company offers flexible and reliable service to customers around the globe with consistent, on grade products.

A unique aspect of Delta Cedar is that they are a private company, and therefore are a close-knit group that’s able to react very quickly to market changes compared to a larger corporation. Several of Delta Cedar’s employees have been at the company long-term. Most of the partners have worked together for 25 years, some even longer. Dean Garofano, the President, COO, and partner, started working at the sawmill during the summer while in school and has over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

From sustainably sourcing fibre to prioritizing scientific knowledge and personal touch, Delta Cedar has been successful in stick handling the challenges of the lumber industry for over 60 years. Overseeing operations from the forest floor to the sales desk enables a personal control of the process and a special ability to consistently deliver on grade products to trusting customers around the globe.

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