This event is included in your GBM Exhibitor Registration fee.
Date: January 12 & 19
Time: 10:00 am to 11:15 am
Where: Zoom
Join BC Wood for a two part online seminar, live via the Zoom platform, on how to adapt to virtual selling, as well as help you craft a professional setup. The following topics will be covered:
January 12: Psychology & Research – Adapting to Virtual Selling:
  • Whether it’s building rapport, identifying needs, or presenting professionally, Part 1 will dive into how you need to shift your sales strategy to win over prospects (using research-based insights available during these early days of virtual selling)
  • Defining the virtual opportunity – what leading sales professionals tell us about the new opportunities for growth in a Zoom-first world.
  • How the psychology of sales can be adapted from the physical world to the virtual space.
October 19: Selling on the Small Screen/ Crafting a Professional Set-up:
  • Whether it’s designing slides, building surprise, or staying engaged, Part 2 will focus on how to present and perform on your web camera for the biggest impact and best experience D2D (device-to-device)
  • How to tell your company’s story
  • How to create a presentation framework
  • How to weave your story into your framework for a dynamic presentation
  • How to turn a simple web cam call into a professional pitch