For many years, BC Wood has given members the opportunity each winter to exhibit at the Housing Brand Fair held in Seoul’s COEX facility and meet with Korean importers and distributors. Unfortunately, the current dramatic spike in Omicron infections worldwide has kept Korea’s borders closed and is also leading to more and more severe restrictions on gatherings within the country, meaning that BC Wood will not be able to host members in the market this March. Therefore, we have developed an all-new program that will allow participating companies to develop new Korean customers without leaving home.
“Client Direct: Korea” will be a two-part match-making program that leverages our in-market staff and the power of online meetings. During the first step, our Korean market representative JC Lee will analyze your offerings and then begin an outreach campaign to test market your products with potential importers. Having devoted his entire career to the building products industry, JC has an immense network of connections to work from. However, we will also seek out and develop entirely new contacts that specifically meet the needs of unique products. Once the potential clients have been qualified on your behalf, JC will schedule meetings during our Zoom-based event to be held in late March. All meetings will offer professional English-Korean translation services. After the online event, our in-market staff will also follow up with each of the clients on the results of the meetings and report back to the participants on the next steps to be taken.
Unlike other such online programs, Client Direct: Korea will be limited to a small number of Canadian participants and all client recruiting efforts will be focused on only the participants’ products. This will lead to an extremely efficient and direct search for potential new customers in the Korean market. For more information, please contact JC Lee at