Featured Photo: KIA Chairman Chun Eui-young (right), JC Lee – BC Wood Korean Rep.(Left) at KIA office in Seoul

BC Wood’s Korean Representative JC Lee recently met with Chairman Chun Eui-young and the directors of KIA (Korean Institute of Architects). The group was founded in 1957 and currently consists of 5,500 architect members.

During the meeting, JC gave an overall introduction of BC Wood and its member companies, as well as about programs such as the Global Buyers Mission and WoodTALKS. Chairman Chun Eui-young believes that the world should gradually use wood in buildings in line with efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and Korea’s carbon neutrality policy. Additionally he said that they need to actively cooperate to embrace advanced wood use technologies and cultures such as those introduced by BC Wood in Canada. He said he would officially introduce BC Wood’s Global Buyers Mission (GBM) to the members of the Korean Architects Association.

Chun Eui-young, chairman of the Korea Architect’s Association, completed a master’s degree in architecture at Seoul National University and Harvard University, served as the general director of the 2019 Seoul Architectural Festival and the third general director of Gwangju Folly at the Gwangju Biennale, and is currently a professor of architecture at Kyunggi University.

For more information about this please contact BC Wood Korean Representative JC Lee at JCLee@bcwood.com