Our Korea market representative Mr. JC Lee has been offered an opportunity to introduce our BC wood products manufacturers through a popular wood newspaper, for no charge.  If you are interested in building your exposure in the Korean market, or testing the market for your product’s suitability, this will be a great time to do so.  JC will need some pictures and information about your company and product for the articles, but you are encouraged to contact JC directly to see if this promotion would be of benefit to you.  Again, there will be no cost for BC Wood international members taking advantage of this new opportunity.  This is part of the Korea Market Expansion project, which includes the new virtual meeting programs, the BC Wood Korea website, and BC Wood Facebook page, where your company information and images will also be posted.
For more information about this and other market development initiatives in Korea, please contact:
Mr. JC Lee
Program Manager, Korea
Mr. Jim Ivanoff
Director, Asia Pacific Region