“The stay Healing Park Resort” was originally opened in 2017 and the first phase included a golf course, flower garden, wild garden, hotel, single family homes, multi-family homes, healing forest, spa, pool etc.. So far, a total of 62 of the planned 300 wooden homes have been built using wood from British Columbia. The DFD Group considered importing full-packaged homes from Canada, but in the end partnered with Smart House, a local company introduced by BC Wood Korea, for the first phase.

However, during the next phase, DFD is planning to build 65 high-end homes, which will be either traditional European or Canadian full-packaged timberframe homes. In a meeting with Hwang Jae-moo, executive director of the DFD Group, BC Wood’s JC Lee persuaded him to use Canadian-style prefabricated packaged home components from BC Wood members.

Hwang has already visited BC Wood member companies with JC Lee many years ago to tour and experience Canada’s unique timberframe housing. Eventually, through these experiences, DFD Group Executive Director Hwang has decided to build his next homes using Canadian timberframe components.

BC Wood’s Korean Office will continue to follow up for the success of this Canadian wooden housing project, arranging meetings and introductions for BC Wood members. For more information about this please contact BC Wood’s Korean Representative JC Lee at JCLee@bcwood.com

DFD Group website: https://www.dfdgroup.com/

The Stay Healing Park Website: https://www.thestayhealingpark.com/