Japan has fared better with COVID-19 than most countries and recently lifted almost all remaining restrictions leading to a strong economic rebound. Unfortunately, international travel restrictions are still in place, so BC Wood is creating more opportunities for members to reach wood products buyers in Japan even without directly attending trade shows. One new initiative is a cost-effective, multi-pronged, promotional campaign that will market your products both directly to over 8000 of our industry contacts across the country as well as at the all-important Japan Home Show from November 11th-13th.

Participating members will only need to submit their contact information, brief company/product profile, logo, and image/ product shot. BC Wood will use this information in several mediums to help promote your products. First, we will produce a 1/4 page company introduction in our soon to be updated professionally produced Japanese language brochure, which will be used at all BC Wood organized trade events over the next two fiscal years (5000 copies).

This information will also be used to write an article for our Japanese eNewsletter that will reach over 8000 of our contacts. These buyers will be invited to contact the BC Wood Japan Office for more information and an introduction to your company. We will be able to track who interacts with your article and then proactively follow-up with them on your behalf. This content will also be reused to create a company listing on our well visited Japanese website and will be displayed there for the next two years.

Bonus: for companies who act quickly, we will also distribute your company information and collect inquiries for you at the upcoming Japan Home Show. Full contact lists will be provided in English after the show. For those who can be available online after 18:00 PST, BC Wood will also set-up a video conferencing system so that visitors can speak to you and ask questions directly from the show floor in real time. Translators will assist with these conversations. Act fast to be a part of this unique, hybrid virtual trade show opportunity.

For pricing and more information on this program, please contact Jim Ivanoff (ivanoff@bcwood.jp).