“This was a great event to meet with new and existing customers/ contacts, from around the world. Very cost effective, could meet with people from many countries, good complement for in person convention.”

“I was impressed with the assistance provided in the 2 Zoom meetings to assist in setting up our virtual booth. And the YouTube vids were great on how to prepare the booth and the Zoom meetings. The set-up process was very efficient and easy. Once in the show, I think the “booths” and Zoom meetings made it feel as close to a real show as possible. I was also pleased with the meetings arrange prior and the translators who were present on-time and ready work when the clients arrived. All-in-all, very happy with the show. Thank you. “

“This was my first time doing a virtual conference. It was a new experience and I felt when a customer showed up on the screen, I could pay more attention to his questions as there were no interruptions from other buyers. “

“It is always great working in concert with BC Wood. Meeting new clients and revisiting with old clients.”

“The opportunity to interact with specifiers, buyers and manufacturers was equally available through this virtual event. The Wood Talks were totally relevant to today’s industry changing requirements. Mini seminars provided huge opportunity to present updated current product offerings to buyers. Scheduled meetings were very productive with much discussion on technical and aesthetic elements of product offerings. This was a comprehensive and thoughtful platform to stimulate interaction throughout many aspects of our industry.”

“GBM is very important event for us. It is perfect platform for us to announce new product and services and keep the connection between existing clients face to face and introduce to new potential client.”