The BC Wood Export Readiness Training Program consists of 10 modules, each 1.5 hours in length, that provide a solid understanding of how wood product companies should prepare for exporting then launch into new markets outside of Canada.

Delivered virtually over 10 modules, the courses are live and interactive, providing instruction and best practices from certified international trade trainers and subject matter experts. Once complete, BC Wood members can access advisory services, advanced training and other supports that provide on-going assistance to members along their exporting journey.

Module 1: Preparing to Export

The participant can assess and review their company & products and work with management to ensure the company is ready for exporting.

Module 2: Marketing Readiness

The participant can review current branding, marketing strategies, messaging & content to ensure readiness for international audiences.

Module 3: Building an Export Plan

The participant will be able to start creating a comprehensive Export Plan targeting a specific territory for the company to use.

Module 4: Market Research

The participant will understand what types of research are needed, how to find required data and how to use this data to create a strategy.

Module 5: International Distribution

The participant will understand the differences between partner types, how to validate partners, how to find them & how to support them.

Module 6: International Pricing & Margins

The participant will understand the most common costs related to international and how to set pricing & margins for distributors.

Module 7: International Logistics

The participant will understand how to prepare products for international shipping, negotiating contracts & understanding Incoterms®.

Module 8: International Finance

The participant will understand the most common aspects of dealing with financing internationally.

Module 9: International Marketing

The participant will understand best practices around marketing & messaging internationally.

Module 10: International Selling, Funding & Supports

The participant will understand how to use virtual sales tools, apply for funding and leverage supports for international sales.