The Export Readiness Training Program (ERTP) consists of two levels of training for the wood products industry, focusing on improving your chances of success in diversifying and opening new export markets.

Program One

Program One is an in-depth webinar based 10-module program developed for Canada’s wood products industry that will guide participants through the complete process of exporting. The modules are broken into three phases, starting with determining export readiness, then offering tactical lessons in performing research, learning about key markets, building Export Plans and identifying the best fit partners, followed by a number of hands-on webinars with experts on dealing with logistics, pricing, international finance, virtual selling and other trade topics that will provide specific and actionable advice on expanding internationally.

Fees include presentation slides and recordings, as well as follow-up links and information to help you get the most out of your participation.

Program Two

Program Two on Advanced Export Training is for those already exporting and looking to expand their own and their staff’s knowledge on particular topics such as International Pricing, Incoterms, Identifying Partners, Digital Marketing and Optimized Manufacturing.

Join BC Wood and our professional trainer Greg Henderson from ExportSpark, along with numerous industry members to learn how to successfully expand your reach, revenues, and opportunities!


  • 100% of respondents from our last cohort felt their needs were met by participating in the program and they all said they would recommend it to a colleague.
  • They all also agreed that it was likely the training would help grow their export sales in the next 12 months.
  • 50% said the online virtual platform was very good and the other 50% said it was excellent.
  • They all agreed that the distribution and suitability of the support materials and recordings was excellent, as was our trainer Greg Henderson’s presentation delivery and follow-up support.
  • 100% chose excellent in response to the value for the ERTP vs. their financial and time investment.

These anonymous survey responses leave us confident that the program should continue delivering valuable training for wood products companies looking to expand their business into new markets.


You may already have some experience in exporting from work in another sector, but with the focus on wood products and specific target markets, you will benefit significantly by attending both Program One and Program Two sessions.

So you have been selling wood around the country, but now the company needs to/wants to expand the product offerings and diversify markets to create not only more sales and profits, but that safety blanket that comes when all your eggs are not in one basket. Program One is for you!

Where do you even start to find a new market for your products? ERTP Program One helps you identify the next suitable market and how to get into it, with a much lower risk than the typical “shotgun” approach.


For now, we will continue to deliver the ERTP in an online virtual format, but it is likely we will start offering a live version that will also be streamed live for anyone from across the country wishing to attend in that format.


thanks to the generous support from our funders:

$39 + GST per weekly module, or $195 + GST for all 10 (Registration details follow)


For ERTP Program One, you can choose individual modules specific to your needs, but we highly recommend you take the time to participate in all the modules, if you can. All specific dates to be confirmed, but we anticipate the following:

  • Cohort 1 2022/23 June 22 — Aug 24 2022*
  • Cohort 2 2022/23 Oct 2022 – Dec 2022
  • Cohort 3 2022/23 Jan 2023 – March 2023

**The start date for program one has been pushed to June 22, 2022

Program Two Advanced Export Training sessions will be held throughout the year, based on industry needs and interest. Details and information will be distributed to ERTP Program One participants first, then the industry in general via email, social media and the Wood Connections newsletter.


With in-person visits and tradeshows for promoting your products still at a minimum, it is important to find ways to grow your sales. If you are interested in how to profitably increase export sales and diversify markets for your value-added wood products, you should join us for the Export Readiness Training Program.

These two programs have been developed using best practices of other export marketing training programs, but focused on wood products manufacturers specific needs, and will be delivered with input from industry members.

Fees for both Programs include valuable presentation slides and session recordings, as well as follow-up links and information to help you get the most out of your participation. It doesn’t end there, either. Coaching and mentoring post each session, and for up to a year following completion of either the 10-module program, or Advanced Training available at a discounted rate.

For More Information Contact Randi Walker at rwalker@bcwood.com