Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Hosted by:
Kenneth Crown, Vice President
Greenspan Adjusters International, Inc.
Kenneth Crown has been a public insurance adjuster for Greenspan Adjusters International, Inc. since 1984 and has a wealth of expertise in the claims and claims recovery industry. He negotiates on behalf of insured individuals in order to settle claims with insurance companies. As a public adjuster, Ken’s services are rendered to help expedite claims, obtain a better settlement, and help restore and reestablish businesses without victims of losses having to work directly with the adjusters representing insurance companies.
  • Greenspan Adjusters International, Inc. works on behalf of policyholders – not insurance companies – in assessing property damage and preparing insurance claims. Greenspan Adjusters International, Inc.’s licensed public insurance adjusters, estimators, and inventory specialists have expertise in the regional particularities of every type of disaster and property insurance claim, resulting in thousands of satisfied clients throughout their 75-year history.

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