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1 Hour LIVE WEBINAR Session | AIBC 1 Core LU | BC Housing 1 CPD, Informal| AAA 1 STRUCTURED LU | Certificate of  Completion 1 Learning Hour

Registration Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEvcuCpqjwuG9E2NK7I_kNL5eXnZcw0k5Wi


As buildings are increasingly designed for environmental, occupant health, and well-being in mind, there is a growing requirement for ventilation openings between enclosed spaces.  Ventilation pathways are notorious for transmitting sound, and there is also the challenge of creating airflow pathways without the complexity of modifying ceilings and walls to accept ducting, vents and grilles. This presentation reviews ventilation and acoustical challenges associated with creating comfortable interior environments. It also discusses the latest in ventilated door solutions that addresses these challenges.

This session will be presented by an industry professional from VANAIR DESIGN.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore industry, environmental and health influences motivating the increased use of ventilation openings between spaces.
  • Compare common ventilation openings, analyze their requirements, and the implications they have on acoustics.
  • Learn about an integrally ventilated door and explain how acoustic design elements were incorporated to contribute to its acoustical attenuation.
  • Identify factors to be considered when specifying ventilation openings.