Do you have difficulty understanding marketing and communicating your company’s benefits? Discover how to effectively communicate your unique selling features and correctly position your company for your target audiences.
A Marketing Assessment reviews and evaluates all your marketing activities and provides recommendations for fine-tuning your strategy to achieve your business goals. Working with a dedicated marketing consultant, you will receive:
  • Expert marketing advice at a fraction of the cost
  • A comprehensive report of your branding, positioning, target audiences and marketing activities
  • Recommended changes to improve your marketing efforts
  • New ideas to stretch your marketing dollars
  • Simple changes to strengthen your brand and better position you against competitors

Marketing Projects:

Through the Wood First program, you may be also be eligible for additional support with your specific marketing projects. Aimed at developing your marketing skills, these projects may include branding, training, strategic planning, or project specific consultation.

For more information, please contact Rumin Mann or 604-882-7100.