Contact: Brian Hawrysh

Phone: 604-882-7100


BC Wood Specialties Group is pleased to announce a new and timely project to attract and retain workers to the value-added wood products sector. Building on previous work, the industry recognized that access to labour was critical if it was to grow, thrive and continue to provide significant contributions to BC’s economy.

Key findings from this strategic work identified the following indicators:

  • Shortage of qualified workers;
  • Difficulty attracting suitable and/or qualified talent to the sector; and
  • The lack of training/education programs

In response to these identified challenges, The Province, through the Sector Labour Market Partnerships program, is providing $1.3 million to BC Wood to engage with businesses to attract and retain workers to the value-added wood products sector. The current project focuses on the creation of educational materials for both entry-level and skilled production workers in the value-added wood products sector. Training for will focus on key knowledge areas applicable to most value-added wood products facilities. The process for addressing the need for skilled production workers will focus on identifying knowledge gaps and providing the relevant training to develop attractive career paths for experienced workers. Training curriculums and assessment tools will be developed for these programs and will be piloted in 3 to 4 locations around the province in early 2024. This strategy includes enriching the talent pool by connecting with various groups and demographics that are under-represented in the industry. The program is designed to be delivered in approximately 4 weeks, giving graduates quicker access to employment opportunities through introductions to industry and meaningful hands-on work exposure.

BC Wood is the voice of BC’s value-added wood product manufacturers. Its purpose is to support growth in BC’s advance wood products sector through market, business and capacity development services and aid with other important First Nations engagement, supply chain and workforce initiatives.

If you would like more information on this new and timely initiative, please call Brian Hawrysh 604-882-7100 or email