The BC Wood Export Readiness Training Program is an in-depth webinar based 9-module program developed for BC’s wood products industry that will guide participants through the complete process of exporting.

The modules are broken into three phases, starting with determining export readiness, then offering tactical lessons in performing research, learning about key markets, building Export Plans and identifying the best fit partners, followed by a number of hands-on webinars with experts on dealing with logistics, international finance, virtual selling and other trade topics that will provide specific and actionable advice on expanding internationally.

This program has been developed using best practices of other export marketing training programs, but focused on wood products manufacturers specific needs, and will be delivered with input from industry members representing each region and product sector in BC.

You can choose individual modules specific to your needs, but we highly recommend you take the time to participate in all the modules, if you can. They will each be delivered more than once over the next six months and will be a progression starting with Module 1 on October 27th.

Join BC Wood and our professional trainer Greg Henderson from ExportSpark, along with numerous industry members to learn how to successfully expand your reach, revenues and opportunities!

Fees include presentation slides and recordings, as well as follow-up links and information to help you get the most out of your participation.