Power Wood recently announced the purchase of a new 12.2-acre facility in Agassiz, BC. With a brand-new office, an 85,000 sq. ft. heated warehouse plus new 4 dry kilns, planer line and dust collection system, the company plans to triple capacity within the next few years.

Founded in 1995, Power Wood had its start in the basement of original owner, Steve Power’s, home. He bought tight-knot Western Red Cedar from custom cutters and wholesalers, kiln dried it, and sold it to the California market. At the time, Redwood was in decline, so Steve supplied an alternative that matched the needs of the market.

Our Passion: Enhance an amazing resource into something that will look remarkable for 100 years.

It was during this time the company found its core values: to treat every sale as a service, rather than a product, focusing on relationships with both the customers and suppliers.

In 2003, the company bought their 4.9-acre distribution yard in Surrey, where they are currently located. At that time, they were strictly focused on distribution. This changed as the company acquired skilled staff such as Jake Power and Dustin Elliot, who tired of the challenges of doing custom reman through other plants. In their down time, they purchased equipment at a discounted price as it came up at auctions, which put them in the unique position they are known for today: a true custom cedar manufacturer who controls all the quality and runs to order.

Our Niche: We aim for the customer’s standard, not the industry standard.

The company continued to expand, from half a dozen employees in 2003, to the current 31, and running at a significantly higher capacity.

In 2011, Power Wood was sold to Jake Power and Dustin Elliot. Together the two formed a new vision for the company: for Power Wood to find and maintain committed relationships to companies around the world by delivering upon their unique needs within the cedar supply chain. The two have lived up to this commitment and have continued to grow the company. With the addition of Brian Helem and Stewart Clark, two long time Power Wood employees to the ownership team, they are excited to continue their expansion with the new facility.