With fears over Omicron receding and the world trying to return to normal, Japan too has slowly but surely begun reopening its borders. In March, business travel with visas was given the green light. On June 1st, on arrival COVID testing from certain countries, including Canada, was dropped, with only a pre-flight test now required. Even organized tour groups are now allowed entry as of June 10th. These moves have also led the government increase the daily arrival limits, and as the number of tour groups increase, it is expected that these limits may even be eliminated to increase the number flights serving routes to Japan.

Prior to COVID, many members visited Japan on a yearly basis and after a long two years this has become possible again. As before, the BC Wood Japan Office is ready to assist these business travelers to make their trips as productive as possible. One option we are excited to offer again is an in-person presence and the Japan Home and Building Show from October 26th to 28th. This is the most important industry focused trade show covering everything from lumber and log homes to finished products. BC Wood will once again be organizing the Canadian Pavilion on behalf of industry, and it will be the first time since November 2019 that Canadians will be able to directly participate in it. Trade shows have been held in Japan throughout the pandemic, but as the JH&BS has always been a very international show, we are looking forward to it coming back in its full-energy form.

As before, BC Wood will help take the stress and uncertainty out of exhibiting at the show. We can assist with all the logistics required for setting up your display. Leveraging our database of over 20,000 industry contacts in Japan, we can also support your pre-show marketing efforts and even match-make to preset meetings at the show with qualified buyers for your product. Please contact me at ivanoff@bcwood.jp and we can set-up a time to chat about this year’s program and how BC Wood can help you expand your business opportunities in the Japanese market.