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1 Hour LIVE WEBINAR Session | AIBC 1 Core LU | AIA 1 LU | BC Housing 1 CPD, Informal | AAA 1 Structured LU


With the global imperative to move to a low carbon economy, the way buildings are designed, manufactured and built is a key component. In this session, we will look at the considerations for low embodied carbon and high carbon sequestering buildings, at pre-fabricated interlocking wood building systems and with a specific focus on lodges (e.g. cultural, golf, fishing, yoga), cabins, and off-grid retreat projects.

In particular, we will learn about the structurally durable and aesthetically beautiful material of choice: Western Red Cedar, which is sustainably sourced and processed in British Columbia. Further discussion will be around the architectural design guidelines of pre-fabricated interlocking building systems – perfect for building on islands, water-access lots or other remote locations, while leaving a low ecological impact.

This session will be presented by an industry professional from Panabode International Ltd.



  • Learn about the designing and building advantages of using Pre-fabricated Interlocking Building Systems for Lodges, Cabin and Off-Grid Retreat projects. Particular attention will be made for off-grid and remote building considerations.
  • Learn about common log wood species, the particular benefits of using Western Red Cedar– including how the wood is sustainably sourced, the machine milling process, the air- drying method, and care and maintenance.
  • Learn why we need to consider more than operating emissions for designing low embodied carbon and high carbon sequestering buildings, and why wood is the material of choice.
  • Discuss the architectural design guidelines of interlocking building system packages – including design trends and styles, thermal properties, natural settling of logs, care and maintenance, and other building materials required to complete the enclosure.