Thank you to all the buyers and suppliers who participated in the online one-to-one meetings! We had a little over 300 meetings over the two days and while the event wasn’t without its hiccups for both buyers and suppliers, everyone seemed genuinely happy with the event. Add in the complexity of different countries with various time zones and languages, makes the organization and delivery of this type of event quite complex. Again, thank you all for your support.

Innovation & Creative Marketing Spotlight

We have seen a lot of innovative and creative marketing activities to connect with buyers over the last 20 months; however, one has stood out as particularly impressive. Dai Ona and his company, Daizen Joinery, offered a factory tour of their facilities as part of the WoodTALKS event at the GBM. As I understand it, Dai had over 110 architects and builders from across North America participate in his factory tour.  They pulled out all stops using multi-cameras, staff interviews, humming machinery and a question-and-answer segment to make the 45-minute presentation visually appealing and extremely interesting to the audience. Making it more impressive is this was done live. It was very well executed and kudos to the team at Daizen.


Upcoming North American Trade Events

Yesterday we sent out a survey to gauge the interest and support for upcoming trade activities in Canada and the US over the next 5 months. I know you get inundated with surveys and requests for information on a regular basis, but this information will be very useful in helping to direct our activities as we move back to in-person events. Please spend a few minutes filling it out and send it back to Ken or myself.