Brian Hawrysh

BC Wood will return to the UK market place with its’ participation in the Timber Expo – October 10-12th in Birmingham. The Timber Expo is part of the UK Construction Week, the largest event of its kind in the UK, attracting 30,276 industry professionals. It is the only show that covers every facet of the construction industry.

Participating in the Timber Expo with BC Wood will allow companies to:

  • position their brands at this high profile event;
  • raise brand awareness;
  • meet new clients;
  • and close business deals.

The Timber Expo allows attendees to explore the emerging possibilities in the timber business and brings together exhibitors and potential consumers under one roof.

Historically, Western European markets, particularly the UK, have demonstrated a preference for the high-value species coming from BC and the value-added products made from these species. There remains a significant opportunity in the UK to grow sales, specifically in high-grade specialty Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Hemlock lumber, veneers and finished building materials, log and timber frame homes and potentially 2×4/6 pre-fabricated homes.
BC Wood plans to organize a group pavilion at the Timber Expo for industry representatives and other Canadian forest products associations. For more information regarding the Timber Expo, BC Wood’s participation, and costs, please contact Brian Hawrysh at 604-882-7100 or directly at
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