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1 Hour LIVE WEBINAR Session | AIBC 1 Core LU | AIA 1 LU/HSW | BC Housing 1 CPD, Informal | AAA 1 STRUCTURED LU


Wood is becoming an attractive and viable option again for use in residential, commercial and high rise applications, and additionally as exterior use under recent fire code and WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) regulation updates. We will look specifically at wood products that increase fire protection for home and commercial property owners without sacrificing the beauty and durability of natural wood. This enables architects and builders to craft exceptional natural wood structures, while ensuring their customers’ peace of mind.

This session primarily covers code legal “Class A” Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW) products mandated its use in the construction today under ASTM E84 or NFPA 255, and CAN/UCL S102 or ULC 723. This includes extended tests under ASTM D2898(12week Accelerated Weathering with Rain and UV), required in many exterior applications.

This session will be presented by an industry professional from Channel-Ex Corporation.


  • Gain knowledge of the types of fire retardant treatments available and their strengths/weaknesses to assess project suitability.

  • Discuss potential widened project design options while increasing fire safety and use of sustainable wood products.

  • Learn about blind spots: potential risks and opportunities related to using fire rated wood use, versus building code, versus actual flame spread.

  • Learn why the latest fire retardant and fire resistant wood products are becoming a viable option and attraction again for application in residential, commercial and high rise applications.

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