There is support available for BC’s value-added wood products industry to assist you with your marketing strategies!

A marketing professional will review and evaluate your company’s activities and strategies. You will then receive a comprehensive summary report that identifies each activity/strategy, recommended changes or improvements, and new activities/strategies that should be considered. Alongside the report, you will receive recommendations on how to accelerate or improve your marketing strategies, as well as how to strengthen and improve your overall brand and messaging to further set you apart from competitors and achieve your desired business goals.


  • 2-4 hour meeting with a marketing professional
  • Discussion of past and present marketing activities
  • Assessment of all communication pieces
  • Recommended improvements, changes, and additions
  • Overview of all products and services
  • Review of current revenues and goals
  • Discussion of other business goals
  • Understanding of competitive advantages
  • Profiling of target markets


  • Expert marketing advice at a fraction of the cost
  • A concise, easy-to-follow guide for improving the marketing of your business
  • New ideas and ways to stretch your marketing dollars
  • Simple changes to strengthen your brand and better position you against competitors


Contact Kit Crowe at to secure your assessment. We only do 5 of these per year, so don’t miss out!